Alexis: MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe; Pictures



Shelly, Glasgow: Graphic & Interior Design

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Arrival in Glasgow

Shelly, Glasgow: Graphic & Interior Design

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Alexis: MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe- It comes to an end


Doing Business in Europe: Netherlands, Groningen

Well is was a very fun, interesting, exciting and very memorable 3 weeks, but it all comes to an end today because it was my day of finals, what an intense day. Time to drink out the stress and have fun (Hertgan Jan). Photos over the weekend !!!

Alexis: MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe- Groningen site visits


Doing Business in Europe: Netherlands

Let me give you a quick update on what had happen today. There was another trip in Netherlands, but this time it was in Groningen , two locations that i visit was a Gas company called GGASUNIE which store and tranport natural gas across Europe and is implementing a new plan that would cycle pipelines in Northern Europe and hopefully the world. The next one was called Dutchbag, a famous female hand bag and now branding off men bags has well, is a company that distributes across Northern and Southern Europe. They distribute their bags base on the target groups behaviour which in the Northern Europe people tend to be having a taste for basic style which is the standard and simple style and Southern is more hip and stylist premium to luxury. One of the most important thing that I have learn is that , the distribution of their bags to germany , they have to make their leather bag straps longer because of their preferences basic of personal issue. More to come over the weekend with photos.

MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe; The Netherlands Business Excursions

Ben Gallen

Today we went and saw two businesses one was Gasunie and the other one was Dutch Bags. Gasunie is a natural gas company that transports gas across Northern Europe. The building was very neat because there were no right angles and the building was very open and spacious. Dutch Bags has four bag lines that are sold all across Europe it was interest to see how a purse business could be so successful.

Alexis: MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe- Amsterdam & Philips Company Global headquarters visit


MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe: Amsterdam & Philips Company Global headquarters

I know I have said that I would be posting pictures next time but unfortunately I am using the school computer to do my blogging for now. Anyway , let me update you on what had happen. On June 8 , 2012 I when to Amsterdam , one of the most famous place in Europe and most talked about. My first visit was at Philips company which is widely known for their electronics and when I when there I meet with one of the executive .He discussion what is currently happening now with the company and what their plans are for the future.One of the best investment now is healthcare which is blooming across the world. Then secondly its green technology. I had also visit the Rijksmuseum which tell the tail of Anne Frank a young jew girl who tells the story about  her life time when the Germans started the world to dominate the world.She wrote many books and documented her life which became very famous and is now displayed at the museum. I wish I had more time to tell you more but that will be a few days from now and hopeful next time I could show you some pics from The Netherlands.

MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe – Flowers

Dr. England — Netherlands

MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe

When I think of Holland or (more properly) the Netherlands, I often think of flowers.  During the 1600s, there was a well-developed market for tulip bulbs in the Netherlands, and one of the early examples of a “bubble” is the “tulip mania” that affected this market in the 1630s.  (Think about our “” or housing bubbles, when people were paying higher and higher prices on the theory that they would always be able to sell at an even higher price.)  Like all bubbles, tulip mania collapsed, but what about today?  Is the Netherlands just full of flowers?

We’ve seen only a few flowers growing in the fields.  But my impression is that flowers are everywhere here.  There are flowers available here in Groningen on the streets and in the markets.  Beautiful flowers.  There are freshly cut, beautiful flowers available in the gas stations along the highways.  Imagine stopping at a rest area along I-95 in the U.S. and finding an array of freshly cut flowers for sale?!  Yesterday while in Amsterdam I visited the flower market.  Here was a whole street of stands selling fresh flowers as well as bulbs and seeds.  I ended up buying some wooden tulips (such a tourist-y thing to do) just to remind me of the flowers, flowers everywhere here. . . .  And later this afternoon, I’ll buy more fresh flowers to keep in my room during my final week here in Groningen.

MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe- Germany for the Day

Ben Gallen

MGT 285

Today we went to Germany for two tours of major companies. We had to dress nice and fancy, it was awesome to wear a full suit with a tie. The first tour we went on was of Meyer Werft which builds cruise ships for companies like Disney and Royal Caribbean. We saw how the ships were being put together in these huge building (about 500 meters in length, 125 meters tall). The tour was amazing and words can  not describe the things we saw. Then after our tour was complete we drove to Bremen to take a tour of Becks Brewery. We learned that when becks first started they only exported their beer to other countries and that they won a gold medal for the best tasting beer in Bremen and at the world fair in Philadelphia a year later. The company that owns becks (AB Inbev) also owns Stella Artois and Budweiser. After the tour we were allowed to sample all of the beers that Becks sold in the local area including some that are very new (or at least I never heard of them). Today was Spectacular and I can not wit to go on another excellent adventure here in The Netherlands.

MGT 285 Doing Business in Europe


Doing Business in Netherlands

I know I am late on my blog but since i got here i did not have the time to blog about my trip, too much fun ( meeting people , sight-seeing going around the city and especially going to class). So now I am giving an insight of my experiences here in Nethelands.First of all Groningen is a city in Netherlands ( English language ) ,Nederland (Dutch language) and it is not called Holland. If you tell someone or mention that in a conversation here stating that you like Holland it would be an insult to the local person who you are talking to. Anyway that’s one of many points I wanted to like you know first. A part from that people here a very young, most of the 16.4 Million of the population is under 35 years old and most of the people speaks english, so it is easy to get around and ask for direction. Transportation is mostly by bicycle to get around the city , everyone who lives here owns a bicycle. Cars are also seen driven here around the city but it is mostly made for bicycles. The cars that are present here is very small like the size of the new Fiat 500 ( Not advertising this car ,lol) . The food is great and very fresh but can be expensive depending on where you go. Anyway that just a little taste for more to come with photos and more comment from The Netherland.

Dank Je (Thank You)